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Four Years Ago Rox Left Us


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Rox, our golden retriever, left us four years ago today; he was only 9 years old when he was helped to the bridge.


Rox was our first family dog. The kids were 9, 7, and 5 when he came to us. Rox was 2. The family who had this perfect dog - and I mean perfect - no longer wanted him. It was us or the SPCA. In all my years of knowing and having dogs, I never met a more well trained, more well behaved, more loving dog than Rox, and I still haven't.


He came into our home and wanted to get to know Ben, our first guinea pig. Rox started sniffing Ben and hassling him (not in a bad way) through the cage. Finally, Ben just bit him on the nose. The message was, "you may be bigger, but *I* was here first." Rox never bothered him again.


He wanted to snuggle and love us like there was no tomorrow. He was such a special dog people who were terrified of dogs, especially bigger ones, and people who thought that dogs were ok but not for them, changed. Three people who swore they'd never have dog, have one - and they say it was because of Rox. People who were terrified of dogs learned how gentle and special they could be. The mailman cried when I told him Rox died. The milkman had to sit down. They adored him.


My heart breaks when I think of how sick he was without letting us know. By the time we finally noticed, his stomach was full of cancer and he had to leave us. We found out on a Tuesday morning how sick he was. We brought him home to say good bye to the kids, who were now 16, 14, and 12. Despite the fact that he was in so much pain, he still tried to please us all day. He loved us and snuggled with us until it was time to go.


Without Rox, there would have been no Oscar and no Dee. We would not have had the opportunity to foster Chance. Without Rox, we would have missed out on so much love, love that will last us a lifetime.


I miss you Rox. I hope you have met Oscar and that we will see you again one day. My big goofy, loving, feetwarming, tennisball fanatic Rox, I still love you and always will.



Remembering the games we used to play: Games We Used to Play: A Hop, Skip and Jump Down Memory Lane


Oscar (Answer to Chevy): 8/23/02-8/13/07 & Dee (Cee Bar Denise): 12/23/98-8/28/08.

Order your own copy of Oscar's Diaries: Life as a Retired Greyhound

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Guest Snowy8

Ohmygosh, can you imagine the ruckus that went on Friday when Dear crossed & there was Oscar AND Rox....that explains the thunder yesterday.

They leave us with broken hearts, then in a little while we have smiles & laughter because we remember all the wonderful memories.

I'll bet Rox was a hoot to be around! :beatheart

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