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Does This Sound Like A Uti

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Since I've had Hobbes 6 months ago, he has only had a few accidents in the house. Every time it has been either when we were away or when he was very stressed by something. He seems to have a clear grasp on where he is supposed to go. However his cues that he needs to go out are very subtle.


Two days ago, I took him out at his normal last call time. He went to the pee once then ran into his girlfriend (another GTers greyhound) he became excited and I think kinda forgot what he was out there to do. I was cold so I brought him back in. Two hours later he got up from bed. I didn't think much of it since I could here my DH up so just thought he wanted to be with him. A minute later he comes back in the room and I could here him start to pee. I said no and he stopped, my DH took him back out and praised him when he went.


Today we where cleaning the house. Hobbes was a little stressed, but nothing that bad. He had been out at 10 it was around 2. I was just putting everything away when I saw him start to squat, I said no, he stopped. I quickly grabbed his leash and brought him out. We have to take the elevator to go out, when in it he peed. No amount of saying no could stop him.


He looks very guilty. I never yelled at him at all, so I do think he knows it was wrong. I really don't think this is a training issue, but am unfamiliar with the signs of a UTI. He hasn't seemed stressed or sick. He is eating and drinking normally. The last week or so he has been peeing a lot more (outside). I stand there amazed at how much he has in him.



I'm going to bring him to the vet on Monday but just want an idea if this is what a UTI sounds like or could it be something else.


Just wanted to add he held it for 8 hours both Thursday and Friday when I was at work. Last night he was also fine, he woke me up at 6am but this is two hours later then his normal weekday time. He did want back out at 10 however.

Thanks so much

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I'm inclined to err on the side of the dog: if she knows the rules, and suddenly starts breaking them, I have her checked. There are other things that can cause UTI-type problems that your vet can check at the same time. The last dog I took in for a UTI (puddle in her crate, drinking/peeing more than usual) had some crystals in her urine, although not enough to panic about.


The first instance sounds behavioural. He got distracted, and you and your DH didn't pick up on his later signal. I suppose one could argue that he was under stress the second time, but you don't seem to think it was that severe. But not being able to stop (when he has in the past), and peeing more than usual are suspicious.


A couple of other thoughts: has he been going more than usual every time, or just sometimes? With the cold and snow we've had lately, some of my girls have been having trouble standing still long enough. I have to watch them to make sure they go long or often enough. (Fortunately, they haven't opted to go inside.) Or does he eat snow? Minnie is a snow eater, and Edie gets some when cleaning up under the birdfeeder. Snow is supposed to be dehydrating, but it sure makes my girls fill up. Have you changed any of his food or treats? Or are you home more so his schedule is off? Perhaps he's drinking more and you're not seeing it?


I hope that whatever it is can be diagnosed and resolved quickly.

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Guest laceyj

It's always a good idea to rule out a medical issue. It sure could be a UTI, or some other medical problem. Often with a UTI there is a very sudden, urgent feeling need to urinate. Even though the bladder may not be full.

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Guest Tenderhearts

There may not be any signs at first. I learned that when Lori Ann had the beginnings of a UTI, the other dogs would sniff her back end more :blink:


Then the occasional accidents would start.


Best to take in a urine sample to check for sure.

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