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Normal Or Typical Cbc And Chem Values

Guest BrisBrindles

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Guest wolfieskitten

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the normal values for a CBC and chem scan for greyhounds?


I've not had any luck finding it online. Everything I've found so far gives me info like Creatinine levels in greyhounds will be higher than those of other breeds. What I'm looking for is the actual number or percentage that is normal ie, the normal BUN level is 12 and Creatinine is 25 (I'm just throwing out numbers not actual fact based ones but the type of information I'm looking for.


Can anyone help?


I'm trying to better understand everything when I talk to Tiger's vet about the possibility that he has early kidney failure. I mean, is this actual failure or is it kidney disease? Can he live a long time with this? whats the current treatment, etc.

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What you are looking for isn't what you should be looking for IMHO. If you take a hard list of numbers you will very likely misinterpret the information for your own dog. Different labs have different normal ranges for various blood tests. You need to know that Greyhounds have mildly higher creatinine concentrations than other dogs... not that normal is between X-Y for a greyhound. To prove that point... Dr. Stack wrote a wonderful article on Greyhound bloodwork referenced above. The only problem I have seen with it is that it is often misused. People will take her range of creatinine values that are normal for a Greyhound of 0.8-1.6 and say their Greyhound must have kidney failure b/c the value of their hound was 1.8 and that is outside of the Greyhound range. At Dr. Stack's lab that may well be true but the normal range at Marshfield labs for ANY dog is 0.8-2.0. Therefore at Marshfield a Greyhound with a creatinine of 2.3 is still quite possibly normal for a Greyhound. A normal value at Dr. Stack's lab of 2.3 would be very unlikely to be normal. Again the numbers given in the article are correct, but the hard numbers are largely only correct in so far as the commercial lab that you use.


The ranges listed for WBCs and RBCs are pretty much the same from lab to lab so those numbers you can like extrapolate but the chemistry values will vary significantly. If you tie yourself into a box by wanting a specific number, you are really missing the point.


I think you may find this article helpful:







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Guest wolfieskitten

Thanks so much for your input.


It does seem that our labs use different values here than in the USA. I don't know how they arrive at those figures to be honest, I'll have to ask.


I noticed that the time they did blood work on me and I couldn't interpret it at ALL. For example the value for good cholesterol reading for a human is around 200. Here it's something like a 4 or some thing like that. So very different.


Like I think I may have mentioned....the vet told me a normal value for a dog is 25-45 for creatinine and Tiger's registered at 250. So I guess I'll have to do a lot more research to be certain of what they are looking at.


He seems more perky today which is very good and he didn't have a wet diaper this morning which was VERY good! He slept well too...not so much for me :lol cuz he kept poking me with his feet.

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