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Todays Vet Visit

Guest BrisBrindles

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Guest wolfieskitten

Well, today we had a small trip to the vet which turned into a large trip.


Miss Gypsy (our current foster), according to the preliminary tests from yesterday looks to have a low thyroid condition they took some more blood today to send off so we should know a bit more by Tuesday.


Then the large part of the trip came. I took Tiger with me as I was worried he may have a UTI or may even be depressed since Bunny has been gone he's been really mopey and sleeping an awful lot. Also in his sleep he has been urinating. When we first got him he would wake us up 1-2 times per night, though nothing of it other than he might just need some

sleep training. Didn't work, tried cutting his water down, it helped some. Tried pajamas thinking it might be the cold. That worked a bit but not always. The last few nights he has slept thru the night without waking and wet himself completely, huge puddles too. Not to bad if it would've been his bed, but nope...it was mine...thank goodness for a large thick mattress pad. Yup, washed the thing 3 days in a row.


Last night I got a clue and fashioned a little "pad holder" out of a pair of panties, some of that really super absorbent chamois cloth they sell at markets and such and settled down for the night. We woke up (or I did) to go to the bathroom myself and checked him, wet as a whistle sure enough so I woke him, cleaned him up and he opted to go sleep on

the couch the rest of the night.


Anyway, vet takes urine sample finds protein, takes blood, find really high creatinine levels (like 250 when it should be 45) and is concerned it could mean early kidney failure. At this point, she said it could also be kidney stones or a growth in the bladder or kidneys. So tomorrow I top off todays bill of $175 with yet another urine sample for $54 and they will send that off. From there she will know a bit more to see if we need to have an ultrasound done - luckily they have a vet with lots

of experience doing them.


So for now we wait and I spend a few minutes each night swaddling Tiger's bum up like a child's, though fancier cuz I used my good "granny panties" to fashion his "MANties" with HAHAHHA!! Have the belly band info to make one but haven't had time for getting the stuff since everything closes at 5 pm around here.


Please pray for us and keep us in your thoughts, we are a wee bit stressed at the moment dealing with the sudden costs and possibility of much higher costs just after Christmas plus the stress of caring and worrying about our baby. ( I also haven't' worked since mid November but will go back on Jan 14 as I have a renewed 3 month contract start then - working for the state has both good and bad points lots of holidays, great pay but no permanency unless on permanent contract).


Yes I promise to take pics of the self fashioned "manties". Hopefully tomorrow I can go on a hunt for more suitable material than my really good girdle panties - hey! I use only the best in my house for my houndies! Even if it IS my own expensive girdle panties - really, I knew they'd stand up better to a Tiger workout if he decided to try to get out of them because they are so strong :lol





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Oh Kimmie, most sorry to here Tiger's having troubles! :sad1 You started out talking about low thyroid... Please, please, research hypothyroidism in greyhounds before putting him on meds. The T4 norms for greyhounds is much lower than for other dogs. The "rule of thumb" is half the values for other dogs. PLUS, T4 values can be lowered by other illness. It sounds like he may well have something else going on with his urinary tract (poor fellow). The sleeping may be because he doesn't feel well rather than a symptom of low thyroid function. If his T4 is .5 or higher and the sleep is his only symptom of hypothyroidism, I'd dig into the cause of his incontinence first and run other thyroid tests before medicating him for hypothyroidism. And yes... animals can grieve. Sending lots of well wishes... :airmail

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Sending my many prayers. Please keep us updated. Just out of curiosity...any bad teeth? Our Angel Queenie did have renal failure...but she had a bad tooth that we were not even aware of and her lab values went off the chart...we had the tooth extracted and they went back down to what was normal for her. :grouphug


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I believe it was the foster that was being checked for the thyroid problem not Tiger. Fingers crossed that Tiger's problem is as simple as a UTI!



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Guest wolfieskitten

Sorry for the confusion. Our foster Gypsy is the one with the thyroid stuff going on. She is being taken care of by GAP, thank God! Her tests are pretty expensive too. For here they've done blood, urine, blood smears, and so forth. Right now we're waiting for results on the thyroid panel, TSH T4 and whatever else they test for. The ONLY symptom she was showing is not gaining weight thought that really isn't a symptom and Lots of hair loss and bare patches. Her coat looks superb, though! Just really really thin hair and mostly bald on neck, tummy, thighs, and butt. Sh'es also kind of rangy looking, like she's racing but is 18 months retired and desexed.


For Tiger we've done urine and blood. More urine tests today, waiting for the vet to call me about when she's going to want an ultrasound scheduled. Sounds like she's also thinking to put him on anti depressants too. That will help with his sphincter muscles along with the propylene? Oh gosh I can't remember what she said they put boys on for incontinence. He's been depressed since our last foster left, they were quite close.


So from here, we are switching to fish and chicken, getting rid of bad fats, no treats except ones I can make that will be good for him but he is allowed to have a few liver treats (store bought, though I can make those too). I'm going to take him off all fatty meats like, beef, duck, and roo and other rich meats. She will probably put him on Hill's k/d prescription but she's going to wait until she's sure we know for certain what it is.


She also said it may be genetic and will probably won't know for certain what caused it, but I hope it isn't anything we've given him or done something to cause it.


He tolerated his "diaper" last night quite well and slept on a towel for extra protection - for my bed! I slept in the middle of Tiger and DH and got cuddled by Tigez all night. He's never done that before! I guess he knows I'm upset about something. Today I got some adult incontinence pads to put underneath him so nothing will soak through and some Curash baby wipes to keep him from getting a rash where his "diaper" sits on his tummy.

and NOW for the pics lol!


Pic of his "diaper" fixins , yes those are my good granny girdle panties



How it looks from the side - he really seemed pretty comfy in it.



His Man Thong!



Gettin comfy in bed


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He is a very handsome kid, man panties or no man panties :) . I hope the vets can figure out some relief for him going forward.


I've heard of antidepressants being used for incontinence -- I think the most common one is amitriptyline. Don't recall what it is about it that makes it work, but evidently it does have some effect on the bladder.

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Guest houndlover

My thoughts are with you and Tiger. One of my dogs, Billy, was diagnosed with early stage renal disease 1 1/2 years ago. I changed his food to the same one that your vet recommended and he has done fine. I also eliminated all of the fats from his diet and that has made a huge difference too.


Hugs and scritches.

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