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Kyra And Zippy Clouse Say Thanks!

Guest clousehounds

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Guest clousehounds

Kyra and Zippy both received their packages and I can't find where I posted that! We have been remiss in getting thank yous out because, as some of you know, Kyra had an injury 2 days before Christmas and we've struggled a bit with that. We are postponing surgery for now, and seeking orthopedic consultation from the UW vet school.


Kyra was floored by the generosity and love she received from her SSantas--Winnie and her hounds!. She wants her own horse now (something about a picture....) but REFUSES to wear the antlers, though Celeste adn Darcy are STYLING!. She LOVES the crinkle toy and all the food. She is a total DIVA in her new collar--which is stunning on her! I was touched by the thoughtfulness of the human gifts too! Thank you so so much! AWESOME SANTAS and Kyra LOVES it ALL!


Zippy felt absolutely spoiled rotten by RETIRED RACERS. She started getting treats early and kept getting surprises from her santa. She loved everything, especially her very own collar. She and Kyra often share so she felt VERY special! Her treats were gone almost instantly and I think are responsible fo that tummy bulge when she is lying down. Thank you so so much! She is cuddled in her blankie, in her collar, with a tummy bulge right now!


Sorry again for being a slouch. They were grateful-- I am just a tad overwhelmed. Please know you made their season bright and mine too! They were so SPOILED!!

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