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Omg, I Just Lost A Whole Huge Post...

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Guest greyt2love

I had just finished a long post with pictures and stories about all the rest of my kiddies. Took forever to do it all. I was editing and it disappeared. No way can I do it all over agin tonight. So here is the short version:


Neko, American Cocker Spaniel, came from San Diego after DS and friends rescued him from a breeder who wanted him PTS at birth because he had a cleft pallet. Cleft was repaired, the call came "Mom, can you take Neko?'(DS and friends are military and it was transfer time). Of course, I could. Flew to CA and brought Neko home with me at 6 months old. He turned 7 on New Year's day. He snores....loudly !!!








Neko and Caesar



These are the newest additions to the family. Daisy and TJ (ToJo), 5 month old Yorkies moved in in November. The are funny and feisty, furry soft bundles of sugar!!


Don't take up much room.



Let me out. I wanna be part of the gang !!



Yorkie Roach




Caesar Roach



Another of Caesar just becaue I think he is so handsome !




And last, but far from least, the furry feline ladies. They don't like to pose, so I have to sneak up on them. That's hard to do with cats, you know, so I only have this one digital pic to add right now. That's Abby(short for "Another Broad with Attitude"-ABA )in the front with her back turned, and Becca facing the camera.



That's the entire family introduced to you now. I am sorry it was a serial effort and I thank you for your patience, my friends!! I am not editing again because I have lost this twice now while I was doing that. If there are typo's, I apologize !!





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