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And Here Is The Princess Chloe...

Guest RiverCityGang

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Guest greyt2love

Here is my pretty Princess Chloe. Her leg was broken at birth, so although she was not an "Oops" puppy, she was available at the same time they were last year. When I was looking at the "oopsies", they mentioned that there was one other available. her leg had healed, her therapy was finished, and she was ready for a home.

I saw her pictures and fell in love. As soon as the arrangements could be made, I was on the road to Indiana to bring her home to PA. A 4-month old puppy - need I say what havoc she brought into my household of 4 males puppers ! Since she never raced, she has no tat's, and I know nothing about her lineage. She came from Conneticut, to Greyt Rescues in Indiana, then home with me. Her name was "Peanut", but since I think she will be a very elegant lady when she grows up (if ever that happens ! :rolleyes: ), I renamed her Chloe. She gets the "Princess" tag because all my greyts are royal - Caesar, Rex, and P. Chloe ! She is a love bug who always is ready to snuggle and she loves everyone she sees, unlike her brothers who are very shy.

Chloe's broken leg healed very well, but unfortunately, this summer she was playing with my DS's puppy, and caught her foot on the edge of the patio, fell and broke her right front leg. Although all the vets involved, and the ortho specialist all said it was perfectly set and should not have surgery, when the cast was removed, it had turned a little and healed crookedly (is that a word?) :angry: My little girl will have some arthritis problems in the future, but it sure doesn't slow her down any now !! She will be 2 years old in April and she certainly keeps it lively here ! I love her to pieces. :wub::wub:


Her puppy pic's were not on my digital camera so I can't show you how tiny she was, but she is still small, about 53 pounds. My son calls her "Bones" but she has put some weight on recently.


Chloe's First Snow





Chloe in her cast



Chloe and Caesar







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Guest greyt2love
Oh my...she's gorgeous! She looks very much like my Sassy, so I may be a little biased :D




Oh, she does, doesn't she ! I wish I knew Chloe's lineage. I bet she has relatives here somewhere...maybe even Sassy !

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