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Guest snowberry

I think the only thing they can definitely test for is lymphoma - but it would let you know if it's lymphoma or not. What's the story with Cosmo, think I may have missed a post? Hope you get a diagnosis, anyway :goodluck

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Cosmo has a "suspected" fatty tumor per my vet last night. Before I took him I was reading up about lymphoma (which I thought he has) I came up with this site and they support the Morris Animal Foundation too. I am not sure what one can do with this, I mean if you want to know if your dog is going to get lymphoma I guess this will tell you. They are working an other cancers too.

"To err is human, to forgive, canine" Audrey, Nova, Cosmo and Holden in NY - Darius and Asia you are both irreplaceable and will be forever in my heart beatinghearts.gif
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