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Guest BlackandBrindle

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Guest BlackandBrindle

The other day I noticed a bald spot just above Spud's eye. It's a little smaller than a pencil eraser. It was flat and normal skin toned.



Tonight I noticed that it's raised and red/swollen.



He has a habit of poking his head into the 'aggressive Arizona plants'... we've been to the vet before for lumps that turns out to be nothing, so I'm not freaking out but just wondering if you have any ideas as to what it is.


We'll watch it and if it doesn't go away we'll go to the vet.



Here are the pictures (excuse the quality, it's late and I'm tired)











Do you think I should put something on it? I have hydrocortosone cream, neosporin, and antibiotic ointment.... or should I just leave it alone?

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