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Sammie the mutt has always been very reliably house broken. She can hold it forever and doesn't have to take final turn out with the greys if she doesn't want to. However, the past few weeks she has had some accidents in the house and hasn't indicated to me that she needed to go out.


On Christmas Eve we were staying at my brother's house. Sammie sat down next to me and when she stood up there was a puddle on the rug. She hadn't squatted, it was almost as though she didn't know she had to pee. I took her out for a walk and then went to midnight mass. She and Fiona were alone for maybe an hour and a half and someone peed in my bed.


I will try to get sample for the vet today but was wondering if the symptoms seemed familiar to anyone.


I am not sure about Sammie's age because she was found as a stray; I guess she is 10 now and is spayed.

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It could very well be a UTI or it might be age-related incontinence. Best bet is a UTI :)

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