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To Greyhoundlov

Guest Hannah

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Dear Mary,


mum read the card inside the parcel to me and it says you were my Secret Santa, Thank you very much for all the lovely gifts especially the ones with noise, I love them and keep serenading mum and dad with them :lol


Mum took photos of the grand opening for you.


This is me looking into the box



It smells very exciting



Linus came to help



So mum said she would take all the parcels out of the box



Mum says to look closely at this photo, I had found the bully stick and was telling Linus to keep away from it



Linus said the bag still smelt of bully stick and felt the need to make sure there were no more in there



The hedgehog is fantastic, it goes 'squonk!"



Linus doesnt think hedgehogs really make that noise - but he's just a cat what does he know about these things?



Then I found the tiger, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! a tiger that roars :bounce8



Mum didn't get any photos of me with the ringing phone or of me and Linus tucking into the yummy salmon treats. Linus staked first claim to the box of used wrapping paper until he remembered the cat toys. no photos of them either as he and Olaf have taken them off somewhere to play with them.



Mum loves her towel and bob the wobble clock and says she will like him even better when she figgures out how to switch the beeps off :lol


and the photo frame is gorgeous, who is the hound in the photo?



Thank you again Mary from Holly, Linus, Olaf, Fluffy and Hannah

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I'm so glad you liked everything, Miss Holly. Tell your mom to read the instructions for Bobble Bob. Bob tells time, temperature, and lots of other good stuff. Kitties - it never occurred to me you might like the salmon treats!


Happy holidays and blessings for you all.


ETA: I don't know who the hound is in the frame. It came that way. Isn't s/he gorgeous?

Edited by greyhoundlov

Mary in Houston

Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film.


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