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Jen, Sugar & Fletcher (remolacha)!

Guest twofinegreys

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Guest twofinegreys

Wow! There was a box delivered here a while back, and this year Mom made me wait til Christmas to open it...what's up with that??!?! :huh Anyway, I'll get right into it...my first pick to rip open!


Oooohhh, Bully the Frawg - he croaks and croaks! Mom has designated him a play time toy only, she hides it at bedtime and movie time, she can't see the fun in it then?? I'll make the most of it while I can!


And some nummy, nummy snacks - hey, cough 'em up, I'm waiiiitinnnnngggg!


Shiver me timbers - it's a peg-legged Pirate Chicken holding a squeaky bottle of rum! Mom's laughing a lot at that because there's some Johnny Depp dude she likes who plays a pirate or something...whatever, let's play!


And what a pretty necklace for my Dainty Days... :D


Mom says to avert your eyes from the champagne bottle and glasses in the background she couldn't figure out how to hide with new Photoshop..there was a bit of a partay here yesterday! :rolleyes:


Thank roo all sooo sooo much for the goodies and toys and snacks - Mom already is using the cool bookmark you sent along for her too, but doesn't want to "wreck" the soap just yet (whatever that means). Happy Howlidays to all of you! :):xmas



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