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Thank Roo, Dewey & Jen! (weycoolgrey)

Guest twofinegreys

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Guest twofinegreys

Mom made me wait til yesterday to open this, even though I could tell it was for me and I was going crazy for it... :angry::banana


It had so many cool things in it, including squeaky the stocking!


Mom had never seen doggie fortune cookies before, and Dad said that's a picture of Hong Kong Phooey on the box?!? I don't know who that is, but I sure wish they'd stop laughing and gimme a cookie, I'm sitting patiently like a good boy!! :blink:


Hey! Get my sister outta there, she already opened hers!! :angryfire


So you think I have a career as a shawl model?? :lol



Thank roo, thank roo all so much for the goodies and chewies and blankies - and Mom says thanks for the mulling spices and the pumpkin muffin mix - she's going to make some this week to have with coffee :coffee I'm sure she'll share some with me, too!! Happy Howlidays to you all! :D:xmas





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Guest weycoolgrey

You're very welcome! Mom was kinda mean when she made that blankie but said I couldn't have it <_< It looked super cozy and fun to drag around the house. But then she told me it was for a very special friend, so that's just as good! I hope it keeps you cozy and warm this winter. Let me know if there is anything good to say in the fortune cookies!


Love and Licks,

Dewey :paw

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