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Thank You Holly (and Hannah)


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Dear SS from the UK,

mom told me your name in the card!

and as I understood you are not a girl greyhound...but sure act like one! :P I'm happy to have a new friend in the UK!

Thank you for all the gifts in your package!

I loved the yellow teddy (mom name him Mr.Ted) and the fluffy Ball!!! that is sooo cool! You guess right for the tennis bal... but I'll give it to my friend Winston who is a golden retreiver! He will be so happy! :colgate

I'm so handsom in my second collar! Mom says that you make really nice collars!!

And the blanket will keep me warm! :inlove

Everything was really cool!

and Mom loved her chocolat!


here's some pics :

First encounter with Mr.Ted



My new friend:



Playing with my new fuzzy ball



I was so tired I fell asleep with my new collar..




Thank you!!!


Our first greyhound, Tuffy: You will always be there with us my angel!
Tuffy greyhound-data
Otis greyhound-data Abbey greyhound-data
"When you open your minds to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth." W.Bishop

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Dear Tuffy,


you look so hansom in your collars :kiss2


I am glad you and your mum like the toys and gifts and I hope that Winston can't beat Holly's record for 'killing' a tennis ball - about 20 seconds!


Holly has a red blanket like yours or it was red until a cream and a seal & white pair of cats pinched it to sleep on and now its cat coloured :lol


Happy Chrismtas




Hannah & Holly aka Your UK SS & Assistant

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