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Our Apologies To Our Wonderful Ss


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From Peppy:

I love my warm hat and supper warm Blanket!! I have been snuggling and napping ever since you sent it,,, I love it, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


From Darbee-Dooo

Oh,, I look soooo nice in my new Collar!! Thank you! and the treats, and extra special things for my mom too!! I can't wait for Christmas to be over so I can wear my new collar!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!


From Rascal

WOW!!! what wonderful treats, and toys (my mom said I should at least try to play with them!! and I'm learning) and the beautiful Collar AND the fun special things for mom too...... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, thank you



from Mom,,, 3dognite

I want to thank you all for your generosity this Christmas, and we hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season!

I usually post pictures and individual thank yous, however this year has been a bit CRAZY!!! my family has done what I have always sworn NOT TO DO.......


a small explanation:

we put our house on the market to sell,,,, good news,,,IT SOLD IN ONE WEEK!!!!!!!! bad news,,, we had to then immediately look for a new place, pack, pack, pack and keep looking, and pack some more,,, we down sized so there was some throwing away in there too.... We moved, then started UNPACKING,,,,, then we took off for our Holidays to Phoenix.... Thru the packing and move, our Internet has been down, so NO GREYTALK..... oh, that was terrible, especially since SS kept sending the most wonderful gifts!!!


so here i am , in sunny (almost) warm Phoenix, doggies are doing well after the 12 hour drive, and DH is ready to divorce me cause i kept saying "pull over, peppy has to GO!!" I am on my parents computer, for the first time on greytalk in 3+ weeks!!!


so,, sorry this is a long story, explanation,, but I just want my SS's to know that we got all the gifts, and everything is wonderful, and THANK YOU!!!!!!


when i go home, i have to unpack, unpack, and HOPE the DSL has been installed and keep unpacking !


my advise,,, NEVER MOVE DURING THE HOLIDAYS,,, or put a higher price on your home so it sells AFTER the Holidays, and you have time to enjoy with friends and family!!! :lol


Thanks again, I will try to put pictures on,, however it could be into January before that happens......


Merry Christmas!



Peppy, Darbee-doo, Rascal!!!!!



lorinda, mom to the ever revolving door of Foster greyhounds

Always in my heart: Teala (LC Sweet Dream) , Pepton, Darbee-Do (Hey Barb) , Rascal (Abitta Rascal), Power (Beyond the Power), and the miracle boy LAZER (2/21/14), Spirit (Bitter Almonds) 8/14

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Guest BlackandBrindle

I'm glad you liked everything!!!



If you want Rascal to meet his secret santas, we're here in Tucson :P



Congratulations on selling the house :D



Merry Christmas!!!


P.S. I thought the screaming monkey would be put to good use even if Rascal didn't want to play with it :)

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