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Polli's Gait Is Off....again


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Polli who had a horrible limp for the better part of almost 2 months, finally cleared up on it's own. We rested it as much as we could. Her xrays and reports were sent to Cornell and Osu and nothing came up. Gradually it got better, and was 100% improvement. We started her on regualr walks with the pack. 3-4 a day 3/4 - 1 mile each walk. No problem. (gradual build up)

Yesterday, I noticed she is holding up her left front (same leg) and then she is running on it, with her gait off. (running in back)


I was so hoping that this had past. Back to square one? rest? meds if necessary? She otherwise seems OK.



ROBIN ~ Mom to: Beau Think It Aint, Chloe JC Allthewayhome, Teddy ICU Drunk Sailor, Elsie N Fracine , Ollie RG's Travertine, Ponch A's Jupiter~ Yoshi, Zoobie & Belle, the kitties.

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Guest greytmonty

I am sorry to hear this, Robin. I guess I would start with rest (ha ha) and maybe a mild pain med like Deramaxx.


BTW you PM'ed me about Deramaxx, our vet agreed and Monty is off Rimadyl and on Deramaxx.

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Oh no...poor little girl. Sending my prayers and healing thoughts. :grouphug


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

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Guest greyhoundis

My Blitzen Millie (13) does that periodically with a rear leg. She has been xrayed and tested - doesn't even have an old racing injury???? I think once in a while they are like us and move just right which is wrong and hurt.


Bart who is also 13 does that with his neck once in a while - like now. I gave him a muscle relaxer before bed last night and today he can move his head around and walk with his head not hanging without screaming!


However my other 2 13 year olds - Jiffy Mart and Aspen are on there way to the vet this morning. <sigh> Wish them luck.


BTW Robin got your donation yesterday - THANK YOU!!! I will put on an auciton soon as more dogs like Polli will be moving in January!


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