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Thank You Dante & Nimby!

Guest laceyj

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And he made out...... well, like a bandit! :lol


"Hmmm.... What's this?"





That's your Secret Santa package. Presents for you!

"Presents? For me?"




"You sure? Hey! I smell cookies! Not sharing those! There's a limit to my generosity you know."




We let Scott help so he could show Bandit what presents are all about. "STUFFIES!"

"I shared a stuffie with my big brother cuz he has a owie with 5 staples!"





"Hey! Where's that jingling coming from?" :Peace

I am still hearing jingling and squeaking from the living room.




"WOW! A snuggley blankie too! For me? With paw prints on it! Mommy's favorite!"




"I got bling for my collar! It is so sparkly and it says 'All About ME'. Mommy got presents too! She LOVES the glass trinket box and especially loves the greyhound charm inside! She says to tell you she can't wait to try the grog in her new Christmas mug. Take the candy out first mom! Want me help ya?"




"Thank you Dante & Nimby for all the greyt loot!"




Wishing Dante, Nimby and their family a Joyous Holiday! :snow








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