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Duke - Gone To The Bridge

Guest BlueCrab

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Guest BlueCrab

In 1999 DH and I decided to adopt a dog. A. Dog. Singular. Thru a series of snafus, we ended up with two dogs in two days. 12/4/99 we brought home Duke from the SPCA - Lab/pointer mix, funny guy, too-too-too smart. On 12/5/99 we brouht jome Otto from the Humane Society - full bred GSD, abuse case, solid black, stunning. They joined our two kitties and off we went. It wasn't always smooth sailing....the house was never clean...somebody was always pooping or chewing something up or blowing their coat. But we had a helluva ride.


My sweet Otto left us for the bridge October 7, 2006. Tragically he bloated and despite our immediate and desperate efforts, held on for 3 days before we made the painful - but right - decision to let him go. He was 12 when he left us...had a really great life, expecially compared to his prior abuse.


Last night, we had to make the painful decision to let Duke move on to join his brother. Duke had been getting old, especially after Otto left us. When we got Trixie (who's only 2), he seemed to have a new lease on life. He became a puppy again, mouthing us, jogging around in sprightly moments, acting silly. When Trixie decided she had to sleep on the sofa, we had to relent and Duke gained sofa rights, too. He seemed to be in decline over the last two days and vet found a tumor on his heart yesterday to explain what was causing his decline. He was in fairly slow decline, nothing horrible, but off his feed and out of breath more than usual. The last hour he seemed to really take a turn for the worse and went down quick. So we made the right - but so, so painful - decision.


Trixie is an "only child" now - although the kitties are trying to do their best. We haven't seen any signs of separation anxiety yet, so I'm keeeping my fingers crossed. Not sure what our next step will be....or when.


Thanks to all who read my post about Duke on the medical page. The wishes for a speedy recovery and the hugs after the news really meant a lot. Everyone go kiss your puppers tonight. I'll give Trix three big smooches on her velvet nose....

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:grouphug :grouphug :grouphug


Duke was a special old guy. When I went to Tom & Carolyn's to do their home visit for adopting a greyhound, I was about to go through my spiel about counter surfing and keeping things out of reach - but no need: they had thoroughly Duke-proofed the house in some very inventive ways.


I know the house must seem very empty without him and I'm so, so sorry for your loss. :cry1

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"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

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I love your story...I'll bet your life has been so much fun. I'm sorry that Duke had to leave, but it sounds like his job was complete...he filled your lives up with lots of fun & adventures. He's left the door open for someone else to come in...you can bet on that.

Here's 8 group hugs just for you & your family.


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Guest dwolfe711

So sorry to hear about your loss of Duke :cry1 - this is always hard but even more so near the holidays - hope that Trixie can adjust to losing her brother - he is now free of pain and age running with all the other Angels at the Bridge -



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I am so sorry. I know how your hearts hurt. :grouphug Run free on golden wings sweetheart. :grouphug:f_red


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I'm sorry. :cry1

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