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Pictures, As Promised!

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We had a greyt time opening the package that came from Gen, Sassy, and Brooklyn. After the shock wore off that the return address was the exact same street I used to live on in college :eek ...we got right into opening the box.



Bonnie says "Enough of this talk about Kalamazoo, Michigan. Let's open this right now!"



Fixer is very happy...new squeaker toys! And they are supposed to be fruit flavored too!



Bonnie and Gracey each grab their own. Squeaker Heaven!



Fixer comes back for more and grabs something out of the box. He takes off for the dog door (where he takes all of his stolen loot). We grab him and realize it's Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix for DH and I. Nice!



Bonnie isn't giving up her new toy (and there's a bone underneath her legs too :blush)



And finally, Gracey enjoying one of the nice blankets that Gen sent for each of them.




Thanks again Gen! Everything is perfect!!! We'll be enjoying the banana bread soon and the candy will be coming with us on the long trip to Michigan! :wacko:

Hope you have a good Christmas and a greyt 2008! :snowman

Kristin, Drew, Fixer, Gracey and Bonnie

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