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Tania Sez Thank Roo To Secret Santa

Guest DoofBert

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Guest DoofBert

Dear Secret Santa,


A wonderful package arrived today... just for me! It came from Florida, where I came from!!!.......I'm so excited about my wonderful package, but Daddie explained we must wait 25 December to open Christmas bundles.


So, my wonderful package is safe in the dining room with all the other Christmas Bundles. And, Tessa told me it's almost 25 December so we don't have to wait too long.



I promise to make Daddie take pictures with the flashy thing when I open this package. But for now, I must dream about what wonderful are inside.


Thankyou very much,


Lubs and Christmas Hugs,


Tania aka Titania the Baroness of Pocono Park


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Guest DoofBert

Dear Miss Fran......


I'm sorry to be late with my thank roo's....the flashy thingy isn't working right and I can't share any photos yet.


But boy do I love my presents! I wore my beautiful necklace to the vet's yesterday.... and everybuddy thought I looked so grown up! Tavis and me are sharing all the stuffies, too.. We have learned to play tug!


As soon as Daddieman gets the flashy thing talking to th puter, I'll show you some photos of me.


SIncere thank roo's for such a wonderful package.




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