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Missing Hair On Tail Question

Guest CyndiW

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A friend just emailed me about her 11 year old greyhound, Tessa, and asked me to post about this. She has been on thyroid meds for several years but after reviewing the bloodwork, Ohio State recommended that she take her off the meds because they felt she was misdiagnosed as hypothyroid. She did this slowly per their directions and Tessa has done just fine. However, here is her concern about the tail:


"I've just noticed Tessa is missing a "line" of fur from her tail. It starts 3/4 of the way to the base and is almost a symmetrical straight line of missing fur down close to the tip down the middle. Up at the top, the skin seems flakey and almost scalish."


Does anyone know what this is? Could it have anything to do with her going off the meds? Terry has had Tessa since she was a young dog. She is not on any meds and her food has not changed.

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