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Thank You Sarahsblackpack In West Bend!


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Hurley got to open the package today from the Black Pack and Sarah!! Funny how that worked...at least you didn't get him in the GPA gift exchange too! Sorry for the delay in opening it but I received your parcel right after I mailed my greyhound presents out and I wasn't sure if I wanted to open it right then and there since it didn't feel close enough to Xmas yet!!!


Tonight felt right! We picked up the dawgs from a night of boarding and found Woodie's packages (on the steps from Saturday morning covered with snow!) too so we were finally ready!


Hurley starts to get curious:



Now that he can smell the contents better, he is even more interested!!



MMMMMMmmmm, thank you for this greyt gift!!



He IS a toy fiend but I forgot to mention that to Secret Santa this year....to me it seemed obvious!! He is interested in the treat right now...but he keeps one paw on his possession:



A better view of the goodies received by Hurley as he licks the plastic packaging on the beef stick. Thank you also for the kitchen linens and the GPA pen/pad. I loved the holiday card as well but it photographed badly:



Tank you, I am handsome:



And I am sweet tooooooo...... :lol



Lastly, I give you a glimpse of the toy fiend, the destroyer of new toys, the playful pup.......





No toys have been terrified as of yet. We hope for a mild killing season!!

Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Yay :)


Johanna with hounds: Woodie (Molly's Marvin) (Grenade X Kh Molly) and Petra (Make Her a Pet) (Dodgem By Design X Late Nite Oasis)

and forever missing Hurley (Jel Try Out) (Gable Dodge X Kings Teresa) with Kalapaki Beach in Kauai as the background

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Yeah! I'm gald you both liked everything we sent. Freddie and Angel had a paw in picking out the treats and toys.


Yes, how funny that we got your name! I actually know my secret santa person personally.

Sarah, mom to Stella and Winston . And to Prince, Katie Z, Malone, Brooke, Freddie, Angel and Fast who are all waiting at the Bridge!


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