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Shanti & Nala's Secret Santa


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OH HAPPY DOGS!!!!! Thank you so much for the Burpdogs and stuffies! The card inside said more to come....WOW! You have made everyone in this house so happy. See for yourself!


Checking out the box that smells SO GOOD!



Yummy! She ate it FAST!



Nala about took my hand off! :P



Guess who took the stuffies...Nala is looking for more Burpdogs.



Mom, Shanti won't share!



Oh, and you made my kids happy too!



Shanti keeps moving the stuffies back and forth between her beds. It is too funny! She is laying on the turtle and keeping her paw on the other stuffie. Nala is still looking for food. :P


Thank you!!! I told the girls to keep an eye out on the mailman, he is bringing something else.


We look forward to finding out who you are too!


The Girls

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