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Bailey Says Thank-you To First1liugi!

Guest grey_v

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Merry Christmas Deb! Bailey loved his SS gift! I put the box on the counter and he started looking at the box and whining. He has never whined (begged yes, whine no) for food before.


Does he ever love those cookies!! They smell yummy to me too :colgate


Thank - you so much. You must have put so much work into making those cookies. They card was adorable too. Did you make that?


I hope you and your family have awonderful Holiday Season!



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Guest First1Luiggi

I'm glad Bailey enjoys his cookies. :yay They seem to know the difference between home baked, and store bought :P

....but I must confess it wasn't me that took all the care and time to bake those yummy treats. :blush It was Kristin of k9cookiesandcakes.com. :lol She's here on Greytalk. And she told me her mom made the cards.

I'm going to send her a PM to let her know how much Bailey and you enjoyed your gift.

Scritches to Bailey and Happy Holidays to you all! :xmas:reindeer:snowman:snow:Peace

from Deb, Luiggi and brad

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Thanks for sending Kristin the note! She has a new customer :lol Bailey is definitely a big fan of baked goods. I have to wear flip flops on those rare occasions that I have time to bake becuase he drools all over the floor. He is such a goof!


I wish I had pictures but he got the box torn open so fast that I could not get a shot. I will try to get one of hime sitting for a K9 cookie.


Happy Holidays to you and your family!!! :snow:Peace


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:wave Liza! I'm so glad Bailey is enjoying the treats! The thanks should go to Deb for placing the order in the first place though! :P This baking thing started as something to keep me busy and it's turned into a fairly good hobby. Our greys don't drool on the floor, but they lay at my feet in hopes of getting a treat that drops from the cookie sheet! :blush


If you get a good picture or two of Bailey, please post them or send me a email. The next time I update the website, I'll add Bailey to the satisfied customers gallery!


Take Care and enjoy the Holidays! :reindeer

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