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Broken Or Dislocated Jaw?

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I should have gone with DH to the vet hospital- I am getting none of my school work done! I only have five papers and three finals to study for... nothing major.


He just sent another txt- the e-vet had to put her under with anesthetic to do the exam and x-rays. DH said the sedation didn't do anything (not sure what they used?!) She does have exposed bone in her mouth; therefore, without seeing the films, they do believe it is a break. Apparently a large number of traumas just came in (never realized that the pet ER's were as crazy busy as the human ones), and my Fran has been pushed down in the order of importance- so it is taking a bit longer than expected to read the films (when they first arrived, there was no one there, so it was like a private clinic).


Please keep Fran in thought and prayer while she is under anesthesia. :hope I have dreaded the day this would happen- knowing eventually she would have to be, if for nothing but a dental- and to not be there is even harder. As soon as I hear something from DH I will post an update.

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She's awake! Not a happy pup, but awake. DH said she is crying- loudly- to express her displeasure. They are keeping her a little longer, as she is still very groggy. They sewed up the holes in her mouth- and gave her an antibiotic (it bothers me that the GA vet didn't give us any, and that I failed to ask for any). Also gave us a few more pain pills to get through the next few days. She is coming home, but we have to make an appt with our regular vet tomorrow to have surgery, as they said it was definately broken, and just wiring her jaw shut was not going to fix it. DH is bringing the x-rays home on disk, so I might be able to post those later. I am just happy she is coming home- maybe now I can get some work done!!

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