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Chips And Tip

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I went to Oregon this weekend and met up with some lovely folks from the Oregon Greyhound Association who introduced me to some wonderful hounds that were looking for homes. Tip said he wanted to come to Alaska. He's 2.5 years old, and just wonderful. So, here he is, BB's Inside Tip :


The day I met and fell in love with him, and he let me know a new sister, unlimited treats and couch privileges sounded pretty good






Out on the deck - he mastered the stairs, both inside and out, in no time at all. My boy's a genius.




Sweet, sleepy guy




Napping with his new sis on our bed. Genius, I tell you!




Mom, we're trying to sleep here. Yesterday was a really, really long day. Can you stop with the flashy thing, already?




Yes, dear, I'll stop - for now. Yep, yesterday was a long day. We didn't get in until 1:00am this morning. When we got home, DH brought Chloe outside for introductions. She was so excited to see and meet Tip, she didn't really care that I was back home :P . Introductions went beautifully, including the cats. He's not too sure about this "snow" stuff - his feet seem to get cold pretty quick, so we'll be booting him up a lot sooner than we do Chloe - but otherwise he seems to be enjoying himself. And we love him to pieces!

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Hello gorgeous! I love brindle and whites.

Casual Bling & Hope for Hounds
Janet & the hounds Maggie and Allen Missing my baby girl Peanut, old soul Jake, quirky Jet, Mama Grandy and my old Diva Miz Foxy; my angel, my inspiration. You all brought so much into my light, and taught me so much about the power of love, you are with me always.
If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.......... I hope you dance! Missing our littlest girl.

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Congratulations! He's beautiful in addition to being a Mensa member! ;-) I hope you all have many many happy years together.


Deirdre with Conor (Daring Pocobueno), Keeva (Kiowa Mimi Mona), & kittehs Gemma & robthomas.

Our beloved angels Faolin & Liath, & kittehs Mona & Caesar. Remembering Bobby, Doc McCoy, & Chip McGrath.

"He feeds you, pets you, adores you, collects your poop in a bag. There's only one explanation: you are a hairy little god." Nick Galifinakis

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Congratulations! He's beautiful in addition to being a Mensa member! ;-) I hope you all have many many happy years together.


While he's most definitely genius material, and while I'm sure Mensa accepts members with eccentricities (they have to, they're geniuses, right?), I don't think eating cat poo is an oddity they'd welcome into their ranks.


More genius activity update: In addition to the above, he 1. figured out the sofa the first night 2. understands that the fridge is where all the REALLY good stuff lives - you should've seen his eyes light up the first time I opened the fridge door and he realized what was in there. He was sure he'd hit the mother lode :lol 3. figured out that if he lays down and waits, he'll get a treat or a bit of whatever I'm cooking.


Yes, I'm impressed with my boy. We had a housefull yesterday, and though he and Chloe were crated for the main part of dinner, they both came out for dessert and family time afterwards. He was sweet and gentle with the kids and babies (they were just fascinated by him - couldn't stop petting him), and friendly with everyone else. And he likes pie.

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I'm very happy for you. Welcome home sweetie pie.



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" You will never need to be alone again. I promise this. As your dog, I will sing this promise to you, and whisper it to you at night, every night, with my breath." Stanley Coren

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Congratulations on your new addition! :confetti He's very handsome. It looks like he's settling in nicely and I feel sure he will help heal your hearts.

Cynthia, & Cristiano, galgo
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He's a good looking boy...my boy Ponch also mastered stairs super quick. He's also learned to sit within a couple weeks of training..they are indeed geniuses sometimes

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Congratulations!! What a handsome boy he is.

Paula & her pups--Paneer (WW Outlook Ladd), Kira & Rhett (the whippets)
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