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Guest BlackandBrindle

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Guest BlackandBrindle

I need you to answer some questions for your secret santa :D



What are your favorite flavors? Your hounds favorite flavors?


What kinds of stuffies do your pups like? What are their colors?



Who has the longest fur? Who has the longest tail? What are their personalities like?


Can you please post some pictures of you and your pups?


Are there any allergies to certain foods? Are nuts a no no?


Thanks for any and all information you can provide :D

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Guest FreddyGirl



Brindle- Freddy, 3 years 4 months, food agressive, major kisser, bare bottom due to hypothyroidism, stuffy killer, collars are maroon and light green, coat is chocolate brown with yellow snood

Black- Molly, 4 years 6 months, very playful, bare bottom, collars are red, black and red, white, yellow and blue, coat is royal blue with yellow snood

Red Fawn- Bobbi, velcro hound, 8 years 10 months, learning to play with stuffies, collars are purple, lavendar, yellow and white

All girlies!


Only stuffies that last here:






Bobbi's gotcha day, Aug. 30, '07





My favorite flavor- chocolate girls- chicken, no nuts and any natural treats

Hope this helps Secret Santa!!!

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