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Charmsmom, We Need To Ask You A Few Questions!

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Charm, you and Monty got all the stitches!

Santa sent me to send you some scritches!

Santa wants to give you a really nice present

To make your convalescence more pleasant!

Please have your Mom answer us here,

she'll need to measure you, head to your rear! :lol

How long is your back, from your tail to your shoulder?

How wide is your neck, and may I get bolder?

What is your girth? your weight? your height?

What do eat when you want a quick bite?

Do you play with stuffies? with balls? with the cat? :lol

Do you dig nice big holes? Do you lie on a mat?

Do you like to run in a yard?

on the sand? in a field? or ride in the car?

Santa also asked me to find out which holiday you like,

Do you get a nice tree, or a menorah to light?

Santa says you have been a good pup,

So please let us send you a real cheer-you-up!

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Guest charmsmom

Deer Santa,

Charm heer. Tanks for da eer skrichies and lub. It reely hewps. I'b been a good boy and not been chewin' my staples.

Mommy got owt da meh-shur-ing tayp and I reelly dint liek it bewy much. I kept danzin arownd makin herbs chase me wen she tried to mehshur my bootay! But she got it aneeway. I liek jus abowt aneething to eet. Biskies are my bestest friend, but all momma's gib me is "Milk Bones". I'b nebber had a Burpdog or any of Shelbyz momma's biskies. I like Bullee Stix, but momma seys dey gib me "gaz". I lub lub lub skweeker toys and lub to skweek dem all day. Sumtimes it dribes momma nutz. Heer she is...


Thanks, Charm. :) Okay, so he WAS dancing around when I got around to measuring his backside. Curious boy!


His measurements are as follows...

27" from shoulder to tail

14" collar, 18" at base of neck

32" chest, 24.5" at start of tuck

25" shoulder to ankle

22" hip to hock (rear legs) and he's a strapping 78 pounder.


We do celebrate Christmas...should be interesting to see what he does with a tree. :lol Fake, so it might help a little. (and, should you be so moved, I'm a self-proclaimed chocoholic. :) )

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Guest greytmonty

Charm, Monty says don't bite the stitches or they put that big giant plastic thingy on your head!

Santa knows you have been a good boy and will soon send you some prezzies!


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