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Thanks Miss Belle Linda's Ss

Guest tiffyks

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Guest tiffyks

We are getting ready to leave in just a few minutes but I sent DS out to get the mail before we left. We recieved two packages today. I can't wait to try the Reindeer Cocoa. I love fun things like that. Miss Belle would write but she is busy on her bed with the cookies you sent. She is snuggled up with her new toy too. I do have pictures of the event but won't have time right now to get them shrunk and sent...we are leaving in literally minutes. The computer is the last to go in. Well actually Belle is going to be the last to go in...she is a bit broken right now. She sprained her front toe, and on the leg that she tore her MCL in the knee, she scalped the big pad. So my broken dog is mobile on only two legs. She has to be picked up and set down very carefully into the car...she is on total bedrest right now (besides potty breaks)....hmmm seems kinda ironic beings she is a greyhound.

I will be in Colorado this evening and will see if I can get logged on for pictures.


We got your letter last week and I took some piccies for you to us, but have been busy caring for my grandmother and not able to send them off.


The bags....the bags are a collection of everything. I have a bag for almost everything I do. I keep all my stuff in the bag and am ready for whatever. Big, little, colorful or simple. I am very eclectic with my taste.


Sunglasses....I have two good pair, a Ralph Lauren pair and a Serengeti that I also wear. I am waiting for Christmas to justify my new shooting glasses, with multiple lenses. I have a pair of glasses on my head at all times. It is the blue eyes that require it.


Thanks bunches for the fun gifts Santa... you are much to kind. We are going to be sooooooooo excited to get to find out who you are.




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