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Santa! I'm Driving Momma Insane


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Dear Santa


Momma says I'm driving her INSANE :eek with my Xmas wreath. I LOVE it - I keep squeeking it and squeeking it and it keeps playing that "we wish you a merry christmas" song! Over and over and over and over!!

Momma says she is ready for the loony bin :rolleyes:

And thank you for the cookies (I had to share one with Joe)

I looked at your picture and still don't know who you are :huh Maybe another clue will come soon B)

Oh and Momma wants me to tell you that she has dipped into the hot chocolate already :P She hope there will be some left for Xmas eve to leave for you, with your cookies.....


Thanks Santa!




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Pics we need pics


(No I'm not santa, just nosey :lol )


Take the time to stop and smell the flowers - appreciate your everyday ordinary miracles

Carolyn, Faith, Jeff Gordon (aka Jeffy) and Oscar the chilla. Desperately missing our Stella, we'll see you later sweet girl.

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