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Emma, what a sweet baby girl you are! Santa has heard that you've been a little angel this year devilchilli.gif! Santa has sent Elfie down to find the ab-fab holiday prezzies for you, so don't be shy - come sit on Santa's knee and tell him what you want most for Christmas! (and please don't tinkle on his foot - it's not chic)



Are you a little little girl, or a big little girl? I know one should never ask a woman this question, but how much do you weigh? And you need to ask your mom to measure your neck, in case Santa wants to send you something pretty to wear around it. No, darling -- I wouldn't hold my breath for diamonds, but Santa will find you something elegant and houndy.


Is there a special color that sets off your fantabulousness perfectly?


What flavor cookie floats your boat? :coastie Are there any treats or toys or anything else that your mom won't let you have? (mean old mom!!) Is there a yummy, or a toy, or something else that you have at the top of your Santa-list?


Have you REALLY been a good girl, or is someone pulling the wool over Santa's eyes? cool_shades.gif


Santa is eagerly awaiting your response, Emma and Pippismom.... You know how crazy parking a sleigh at the mall can be, so give Santa some help getting an early start!! xmas-smiley-019.gif


Your Esoteric Evil Elf


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I am sooooooo sorry I am late getting back to you , computer was down !


I am a little girl - 56 lbs. I am a dark red fawn - very very pretty (my new mommy said so !)

I do not know my perfect color yet but mommy thinks it's gonna be reds.

I love to eat anything but oatmel cookies with the white stuff in the middle are my fave !


That's all I know about myself so far in this home life but - I am adjusting well and love it !

I also do not have any of my own stuffies - my sister shares hers !


Thanks !

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