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Blastsmom, Please Reply

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Blastsmom, evil elf here

To get the dish on Blast, the dear,

Please tell us all about your special pup

So Santa can get the reindeer fired up.

How tall is Blast? What color? What sign?

Does Blast have a favorite time to dine?

We need to know what she likes to eat,

kibble, raw, cooked, or treat?

Please measure her everywhere, head to her toes.

Base of neck to tail, eyes to her nose?

How wide is her chest in the curviest part?

Monty always likes that question, have a heart!

How long is her leg? How shiny her eyes?

Santa is planning a special surprise.

Please write to us soon, we are waiting to hear

So we can make Christmas real special this year!





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Guest blastsmom

Oh my goodness...how cute is this.......aye!!!





well, here is the scoop on my girl....


She is about 27"-28" tall (of course....trying to get her off the couch to measure....oh brother...had to kinda measure her laying there.... :blink: )


She is a red brindle and her sign.......would be Gemini



Blast's favorite time to dine would be ALL THE TIME recently!!!! For breakfast and dinner she gets dry lamb and rice and treats... usually dried liver treats (eek) or Hogans Tuna Treats (Sue's collars) she loves those!!!! And of course, Miss Sue started her on anchovies....oh boy..yummy!!!





As for her body measurements....well, she is a bit shy ( or kinda a little Miss Prissy) at meet 'n greets...she kinda lays in the back........


from her neck to base of her tail is about 39"

from her nose to her eyes..... 5" (she was cute getting that one..crossing those shiny brown eyes.....)

her chest (gulp) is 37" (pretty sad when your dog's chest is bigger than yours..... :blush )

and her front legs are about 18" long



When she wears collars... she looks good in pinks and purples...... I do paint her nails with nail Paw-lish.......


She is sort of the mascot for my son's ice hockey team, the Blast... hence her name.... so anything related to ice hockey is cool. The hockey colors are red/black/yellow (similar to Calgary Flames jersey) I have a racing coat with Ben's number on...very cool....and put the patch from the team on it........ boy, she prances in the rink like she owns it!


she plays with her two little brothers.... Leopold the beagle and Andy our beagle/jrt/shiba mix


She has decided, I do believe, that she is a bit too good for stuffies and toys....... she prefers to lay around getting her nails done!


I am trying to make this a special Christmas this year, since Bullett, her brother is now an angel...... she is quite lonely and has become attached at the hip to me..... but that is ok....love her more than words.....


Hope that helps.......




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