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Lazybones Don't Be Lazy Today

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Kelli, dear Kelli, your Gumby is neat.

Your Secret Santa is planning a treat.

In order to make it just so extra nice

We need a bit of your helpful advice.


What color does Gumby like to wear?

Is she girly? Frilly? Sporty? BARE?????? :lol

Please measure her neck, her waist, her girth,

and tell us how long its been since her birth.


Does she enjoy sushi? spaghetti? beef stew?

When it comes time to vote, is she red or blue?

I am getting real personal so here I will end,

Please answer us soon for your four footed friend!

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Guest LazyBones

hello evil elf! :xmas


dis gumby heer.


owtside, da wethir has been nice, but momma sez it'z not gonna last. :( arown da howse, thow, i snooz in da nood, since da hoomins keep dis place nice an' comfirtabul enuff to do so. an' when imma feelin hot (iffin yo noz wut i meen ;) ), i like to take my colla off an' put picshures heer for all my male frends. i may be twelve, an' i may habs a grey hed, but i gotz a shapely and daintee figyur dat can rival eben a too yeer old'z.


momma wuz meen to me just now. i wuz all comfirtabul on her bed (she like to theenk it'z herz, anyway), an' she made me get up! :angry: she rapped dis wite thang arownd my tummy an' chest. den, she took my colla off! i wuz scared, cuz i thawt i wuz in for a *shuddir* BAFF!! she rapped da wite thang arownd my neck too. den she put my colla back on, much to my reeleef. don't no wut all dat wuz all abowt, but i did get treets out uv da deel, an' i got to take back da bed.


hold on a sec....momma wantz to intirrupt for a sec.




gumby's momma here. i hope she wasn't saying anything bad about me. :blush


gumby's measurement's are:


around the waist: 19.5"

her chest: 29.5"

neck: at the top 12" , middle 13" , bottom 15"


okay, giving it back to gumby now.




althow my black stripez haz fadid ovir da yeerz, i like to ware black to match dem. az yoo may no, da color matchiz eberytheeng, an iz a slimmin' color. howeber, bergundee, silvir, dark green, an' eben grey wood probublee look nice on me.


now, my absolut FABORIT topic: TREETZ!! i LUBZ treetz! :gmark momma pritty much letz me hav any tipe i like. my favorit wuz chikin jerkee, but momma woodin't let me habs any more.....sumtheeng abowt china. i don't knowz wut she'z talkin abowt, dow. i once had a buddy named chyna, an' i liked her an' miss her. imma not a fan of rawhide, an' maybe it'z just dat dey are a bit hard on my old teef. udder dan dat, it'z all GOOID!!!!


iffin yoo needz to no more abowt me, just holla.


all my luv,


gumby luv :heart

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