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Attention Mommy2gideon And Guinness_the_greyt

Guest ShelbyzMom

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Guest ShelbyzMom

Christmas is getting closer, it’s nearly Turkey Day

And your Secret Santa has something to say.

Do you know who I am, have you any clues?

Have you been good?—No eating shoes!




If your Secret Santa can get stuff together in time

Lots of presents you may find!

For Christmas traditionally is twelve days of presents

And that’s how your Secret Santa wants this one spent.

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Guest Mommy2Gideon

OH boy, oh boy, oh boy!


No we haven't a clue who you are!

I'm so glad Christmas isn't too far!

You ask if I've been good and not naughty but nice?

Mommy say's I'm good without thinking twice.


Santa you spoil me so

And I thank you from my head to toe.

I can't wait until the day is near,

That my present will be here!



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Guest guinness_the_greyt

I have no idea!!! Do I get any clues?!?!


The boys have been good... and Brooklyn has been trying really really hard.... she only stole one piece of pizza instead of the whole box... :eek


baby steps Santa baby steps! :P



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