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Malandmo, You're Up To Bat


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First, evil elfie has to get one thing off her chest: . Sorry - whenever I hear "Mo" I think "Larry and Curly". OK. I feel better now! 3stooges.gif


So, Santa hears that Blaise is a young, brindle girl

But tell Santa more - come, give it a whirl! twister3.gif


Is she dainty or wide? Gigantic or small?

Please measure her height at the withers, how tall?


From withers to tail, her girth, round her ears

Her chest and her tuck-up, her neck like a deer's


Does she like silk or satin, or bright shades of pink?

Maybe purple, or silver or even faux mink!


Some pearls or glass beads or a snood for your face

Or a hat made of feathers and flowers and lace?


Or would she like cookies, a dog cake or two?

A big squeaky toy or a bullystick to chew?


Now mommy is next, is there something she craves?

Some coffee, dark chocolate about which she raves?


Some candles or cookies, a pair of warm gloves

Please tell Secret Santa what mommy will love!


And tell mom a picture would help out so much

for Santa to add on his own special touch


Enough for this elfie, now take pen in paw

and tell Secret Santa 'bout you and your maw doh2.gifohboy.gif (ACK! That was terrible!!!!)



Anyway, you get the idea :blink:

Your sleepy evil elfie





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