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Thank You Secret Santa - Aggie94

Guest Mom2Gr8dawgs

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Guest Mom2Gr8dawgs

Thanks sooo much for the Simply Treats treats for KC and me! They are yummy. KC has been a good boy and shared with his sisters!

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Guest Mom2Gr8dawgs

Our second pacakge arrived today! Michelle, thank you so much for my Texas candle and ornament. I love them.


Here are a few shots of KC opening his gifts.


WOW...all of these are for me?



I wonder what's in this one!



Oh boy! A moo cow!



And a turtle!



And a blankie! Boy am I a lucky dog!



Of course the minute I turned my back, his pack mates decided to move in on the action. First Dance grabbed the turtle and ran to her crate.



Then Raven and Maggie wrestled over the cow....



Then Raven took the turtle from Dance....but I took them back and let KC have them for himself :colgate



Thank you so much for the awesome gifts. We all have had a great time with them.




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