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Tavis's Teaser Parcel....thank You Secret Santa

Guest DoofBert

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Guest DoofBert

Dear Secret Santa,


I done got some mail yesterday.....it's the first mail I've ever gotten...Momma opened it to discover some wonderful treats from K9 Cookies :cookie .... All I can say in YUM-MIE !!! I shared with the Pocono Black Pack... we are doing the :pinkele:pinkele:pinkele dance. And, the Daddieman put the treats safely away so I cannot surf them...darnit! I looked on the counter for them and I cannot even find a trace of a crumb!


I'm thinking this Secret Santa thing is a wonderful invention ..... :reindeer:reindeer:reindeer:reindeer


Oh, and Momma sez she is not a bad Secret Santa, she is busily working in the workshop.. We know what's going in our SS packages........some hounds are lucky just like me!!!


Happy Turkey Day everyone!




Sir Tavis, ROCS.

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I've very glad Sir Tavis liked his treats! :yay And to share them with the rest of the gang...good man :reindeer


Enjoy the holidays! You have a great Secret Santa, Tavis! I know who it is too! :neener

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Guest Kpparker

This post confused me just now.. I didnt know anyone else on GT had a dog named Tavi (well Tavis for yours, but its still close).. I was wondering who is writing about my dog.. this is so strange!


LOL, glad he got some treats, tell him to send some over to his brother from another mother ;)

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