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How Common Are Tbd's

Guest SusanP

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Most of the TBD cases I see on GT don't seem to be in dogs raised and raced in the Midwest. How common are TBDs in midwestern dogs and which ones are most prevalent?


What exactly do you all ask for in the way of TBD testing when you adopt a new hound? Does it vary by area?

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I've had 2 TBD dogs. Between them they had been in WV, Wisconsin, Okla, & Kansas. The racing kennels house greyhounds from all over. They carry their ticks with them. Southern ticks find Wisconsin summers to be very pleasant.


Tick panel from Protatek covers Ehrlichia, Babesia, Lyme & Rocky Mtn Spotted. Money well spent, in my experience.

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Well, the majority of greyhounds are raised in OK and KS so that might skew things a bit. I cannot even begin to explain how bad ticks are in OK in general. I had one hound come out of the Altus pound and I quit counting at 250 dead ticks. Every single OK stray was loaded to the hilt and most of the farm dogs had a few.


We don't have a problem with ticks in Old East Dallas, so I use Advantage but Frontline Buck every year before Abilene...I swear the buggers just hop on at every potty break along the way.


My Harley had wonderful owners in the Riggins and one of the best trainers in the business Don Conatser. He was Don's kennel buddy and in his career was only out of his sight 6 months when he graded up to Wheeling. When he came up TBD positive Don said it can happen in haulers...even if a kennel is religious about flea & tick treatment the dogs can be bitten by stowaways on the haulers.


Since I am no longer on the front lines, I don't know what to tell you about TBD testing. Last I did it was the Protatek "greyhound special" -- Eherlichia, Lyme, RMSF and Babisia -- used to be $53. They may have something more now. The most common by far around here seems to be Eherlichia, but I have had some that hit the grand slam and had all four.


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Depends on waht you consider the "midwest"....Colorado is NOT the midwest but that's where my Babesia infected gal came from. Puppy Fenway was born in KS and fostered in IN...and he had a positiver titer for Babesia at 1:40 (the lowest level) indicating that either mom had Babesia, or he was exposed to it along the way. I'll check it again next April to monitor the level.

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Tessie, PK's Cat Island 12/9/13
Gabby the Airedale 7/1/18
Forever missing Grace (RT's Grace, 18156/23B), Fenway (not registered, def a greyhound), and Jackson (airedale terrier, honorary greyhound)

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