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Cancer Greys

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Carrier is starting to turn his nose up to Canidae - he is happy with canned

food (merrick) and I am happy to give it to him, but I wanted to know if there were any kibble

foods out there that any of you were feeding. I recall reading that some dogs with cancer

love EVO and it's good because it's low carbo/high protein.

Also, I was wondering if the stainless steel bowl was throwing Carrier off. He

will eat out of my hand, but sometimes won't touch the bowl. Any chance that the cancer/meds

have given him a weird taste so the stainless steel bothers him? I am going to try a

ceramic bowl to see if that helps.


I would be really interested in hearing what your daily feedings consist of. I

am willing to supplement and feed him anything - but at the moment, I want to start slow

because I think changing too many things at once will complicate things. I also want to make

sure that if he is getting sick I know if it's from a new food or the chemo reaction - so slow

is probably best at this point.



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Guest JohnnyBell

I feed Sophie Canidae twice a day and at dinner mix in EVO or Iams puppy canned food with alittle water.I like the EVO better because of the higher protien.I also give fish oil caps. Other then that she gets Iams buscuits(high protien) and sometimes some lunchmeat or cheese.I usually have some trouble getting her to eat in the morning but if I hold her bowl she'll usualy eat.I do whatever I need to do to get her to eat.

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Guest snowberry

I gave up completely on manufactured foods once we got the diagnosis. Herbie gets raw minced meat in the morning (previously frozen), a light lunch of cottage cheese or scrambled egg to keep his weight up, and a cooked evening meal of chicken/beef/liver/whatever's on offer at the supermarket with cooked vegetables and a spoonful of brown rice.


Yes it's work, but he's now keeping at a good weight. And yes, I know about low/no carbs, but without the brown rice, he was getting the runs - a small amount of brown rice seems to keep his guts stable. I think if they're sick their instincts tell them to go for the highest value food, i.e. the highest protein - Herbie's happy to eat his out of a stainless steel dish. :colgate

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