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Dear Santa

Guest psholer

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Guest psholer

Hi Santa


I got your note, yes I am still being a very good boy.

I live with my Mom and usually my Grandma, but she is living in a hospital right now until she learns to walk again, she fell and broke her hip and she is really old so we don't know when she is coming back to live with us, but the hospital people let us go right to her room to visit her. The elevator scares me, but not my sister Fiona.

Yes we all have the same last name, so right now it is just me and Fiona and my Mom, but Mom says we are getting a new sister in a couple of weeks, she is coming from Florida from the same nice people that gave my Mom to me. It is my Mom's birthday soon after our new sister arrives so we have promised to be nice to each other for her birthday/Christmas present. Mom says she just wants us to be happy and healthy and that will be the best gift, she didn't ask for anything else, so I we will take care of her for you Santa.



Finnigan :paw



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Oh Finnigan,


I'm not your secret santa, but you just made my eyes leak! You are a very sweet boy taking such good care of your Mom. I hope your grandma is back home soon and that you will all have a very Merry Christmas. Good luck with your new sister!


Luv, Nuala

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Guest goofydog

I'm sure you make your mom very proud Finnigan. Keep up the good work and we will keep fingers and paws crossed that grammy can come home soon. I bet you would make a wonderful nurse also. :wub:



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