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Clousehounds & Zippy

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Guest moremoney



Your Secret Santa wants to know about Zippy,

Is she a princess? An angel? Or perhaps a hippy?


If she were to pick her favorite hue,

Would it be green, purple, red, pink or blue?

Or perhaps another? And what about you?


In case some clothing is in Zippy's future, not saying that it is though,

What are the measurements of her back, chest and right rear inside toe?


In Minnesota it can get pretty nippy,

Would a scarf help warm up dear Zippy?


Does Zippy have a favorite flavor?

Something that she really likes to savor?


And for Zippy's mom, what is the treat

that you especially like to eat?

Chocolate or something else just as sweet?


So that your Secret Santa can continue with the teasin',

What is your favorite season?


Pictures of Zippy we would like to see,

If you would rather not post them, you can just email them to me!




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Guest clousehounds


You are the super best secret santa EVER!!!

I have received treats already! I got a stocking! My mommy even says there is MORE coming!

I am the omega hound here, but I am the ONLY hound getting special treatment right now!

DON'T WORRY Santa! I am a good girl and I share with my sister and our new foster brother Driven (who had his balls chopped off so NEEDED some of those YUMMY home baked goodies!!!).


I LOVE the food!!


OK, so I wear jammies and coats. My mom took the infamous Yoda picture and posted it here (HOW embarrassing--I can't help my fruit bat ears). I love purple, teal, black, brown, red, green, all colors really. I love pink and purple a ton too!! Here are some pictures of me. I am a small girl, just 59 lbs. My deep chest is, at its biggest, 29 inches, my length from tag collar to tail is 29 inches, and my neck is 15 inches at its widest.


Dressed up in my German Beer Girl Get up!


And me happy after a run!



I have tried really hard to be a good dog. I share with fosters, let everyone else walk in first, and hardly ever whine except when I really want to be next to mom on the couch and my sister won't move.

Thanks again for being the super best and making me feel ALPHA in your eyes!!

-Zipalong (Zippy Lou) Clouse

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Guest moremoney

Your SS wants to thank you for Zippy's information AND Kyra's SS wants to add this:


Zippy won't have to share for long...


Secret Santas are coming out in force

Krya's package is coming in due course


It was mailed today, so it's on it's way...

Hopefully you'll have two happy greys by Christmas Day.


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Guest clousehounds

"YAY! I don't share the carob chip ones anyway! They are my most favorite ever!!" --Zippy

"Thank you Santa! I tried to be a good girl and everything, but not EVERYONE can be the Omega dog....SOMEONE has to lead too. Thanks for remebering me!"-Kyra

"You are pushy K."--Zippy

"You are weak Z"--Kyra

"YOU are BOTH freaks!"--Driven (the foster dog)


Thanks Santa--from our crazy house to yours!

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