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For Mom Of Sweet Potatoes & Penny


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This is nothing to do with me, I'm being being someone's evil elf's evil elf! :lol



Your santa with me did just plead

To find out what you like to read!

So tell me the type

(or risk getting some tripe!)

Your answer please post with great speed!


{I believe this request was meant for YOU, Kerri - if it's for Penny, then you REALLY need to get her booked in Vegas!! :P }



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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes

I'm here :)


I like to read anything by: Robin Cook, Stephen King, Dean Koontz or Ann Rule. I really like the true crime books. Well, I really like to read anything except romance. I like paperback books best, because I can use 1 hand to read them.

I like to get used books, because then I know they've been recycled (a little bit of green-ness so to speak)


Thanks :)


Penny didn't want me to answer, so that she could get some tripe :chow


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:lol "tripe"...


Hi Kerri - and THANKS, Judy!! I was the original evil elf but I can't start a new topic on GT!! (I'll have to ask Jeff about this one... I think it may be my new-old computer!)


Thanks for answering - I'm sure your SS will see this!! (And maybe send some tripe for Penny... :puke )

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