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Jennifers, It's Your Turn!

Guest charmsmom

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Guest charmsmom

Quiet Man has been too quiet!

Come on now, you can't deny it!

Secret Santa needs you now

to help her with some hints, and how!


Gifties for the hounds are easy

Stuffies, biskies, easy-peasy!

The one she wants to know about

is Quiet Man's mom and we'll find out.


What kind of things you like to snack on

When you have your working hat on.

A Snickers, peanuts, or a Mars?

Or maybe you like to just look at cars?


So tell us what you'd like now, dear,

So Santa can wrap your gifts up here.

Tell us what your favorite things are

So we can get them in Santa's car!



Your Evil Elf :reindeer

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oohh nice poem evil elf! ;) Except for anyone who knows Quiet Man knows he is not quiet! Ha ha, he's about the loudest greyhound you'll ever meet! As for me, I do love chocolate, but ask my friends and I get a bit paranoid about any chocolate around the dogs, so I'd be happy with something safer, like something gummy (I love anything gummy!), or just plain sugary. Thanks for asking secret santa! And please don't worry about little 'ole me, I'd be happy with anything! (So will Quiet Man, he just loves to open packages! :lol )

Here's a pic today I took of my boy just so Santa can see what a good boy he's been this year: :rolleyes:


Jen & Theodore
Forever in my heart: my girl Raspberry & my boys Quiet Man, Murphy, Ducky & Wylie
www.greyhoundadventures.org & www.greyhoundamberalert.org & www.duckypaws.com


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