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Oh Sammi!


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evil elf here with a little ditty


There was a young greyhound named Sammi

Who was taking a ride in her sleigh

She ran out of snow,

Her car wouldn't go.

Now her human slave pulls an old Chevrolet!


The question is, Sammi, what should we fill that old Chevolet with?

Xavi the galgo and Peter the cat. Missing Iker the galgo ?-Feb.9/19, Treasure (USS Treasure) April 12/01-May 6/13, Phoenix (Hallo Top Son) Dec.14/99-June 4/11 and Loca (Reko Swahili) Oct.9/95 - June 1/09, Allen the boss cat, died late November, 2021, age 19.

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Thanks Gen :)


Umm... hmmm... Sammi loves any treat invoving peanutbutter.

She also loves her jammies and wish she had more than her heavy fleece onces to wear

She is a serial stuffy killer as well and always looking for fresh... stuffing :lol



:ph34r and how did you kow I drvive a Chev. Malibu :ph34r

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