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Hey, Winnie!

Guest charmsmom

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Guest charmsmom

You think you know who I may be

But once Christmas comes you see.


You may be right, you may be wrong

And you can think about it all day long.


Darcy has been bought lots of loot

For the fat man to deliver in his red suit.


She will have to wait a little bit more

To get her stash outside of her door.


I think she will like everything she will get

Darcy is a pup Santa will NOT forget!

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:lol I love these poems... just wish I was able to construct one in response! I'll have to read Darcy her latest rhyme...


Did I mention that December 9 will be Darcy's 1st gotcha day? She's such a special little girl. She had a long race career (154 races!) as D's Zipperfoot. She then waited for over a year in the adoption kennel. Darcy was two months shy of her 6th birthday when we adopted her. She was so timid, skinny and had a lot of space issues. The grey we adopted a year ago is not the same grey we have today. Darcy is such a sweetheart who loves getting belly rubs, playing and hanging out with her sister Celeste. She's not perfect - will bark and growl at non-greys, will sometimes chase our cats thinking they want to play and will occassionally steal or chew something - but we love her warts and all. I'm sure she'll love and appreciate everything from her very special SS. Here's Darcy sending roaches your way...



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Laura with Celeste (ICU Celeste) and Galgos Beatrix and Encarna
The Horse - Gracie (MD Grace E)
Bridge Angels Faye Oops (Santa Fe Oops), Bonny (
Bonny Drive), Darcy (D's Zipperfoot)



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Guest charmsmom

I wish I could take credit for these poems, but I can't...

Santa sent them to my inbox, and her mouth was in a slant!


A smile that is, because she knew it makes your houndie happy.

I'd better stop because I know my poems are getting SAPPY!

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