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Desmopressin For Diabetes Insipidus/di - Best Price

Guest tapin2thefuture

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Guest tapin2thefuture

Hi. Many of you may know me from our Diabetes Insipidus grey, "Ranger". I had a wonderful talk with an adoption agency yesterday that has 3 DI greys. A wealth of information! All 3 greys also have a tick-borne disease, as does our "Ranger". So, that's more food for thought for you DI owners out there. Think about doing a tick panel screening if you haven't already.


Anyway, reason for my post: Roadrunenr Pharmacy in Arizona 1-877-518-4589 or http://www.roadrunnerpharmacy.com offers compounding of Desmopressin in the drop form for about $115 for a 15ml bottle. And they will ship.


I have done a TON of research on where and how to get the Desmo at cheap costs because it's so incredibly expensive (about $90-$150) for a 5ml bottle elsewhere. So, that's 3x's as much for basically the same price.


Many compounding pharmacies I have spoken to will not ship out of state. But apparently RoadRunner will. According to their pharmacist, you must have your vet call them to discuss the diagnosis and the RX before they will proceed.


Hope this helps.



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Guest tapin2thefuture
Great news Lisa! Does this mean that Ranger will be staying in your home??





Yes! See the post in Health & Medical titled "Ranger - Special Needs Grey That Needed A Home" - Good News - for details.


2 very caring grey agencies stepped in to keep him w/ us. Never even thought that was an option since our adoption agency never offered. Never even realized many agencies actually maintain their special needs dogs until several of them contacted me to tell me that this is what good agencies do.


Thanks for your support!


-Lisa & Ranger

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