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Egg we know about your hounds

but we don't know about you.

This little elf is all around

Hoping to find out all about you.


Do you like to read?

Do you have greyhound books?

What book would you love to read?


Treats are great for the pups

But treats for the humans are great, too.

What's your favorite treat?

Chocolate of what flavor?

Popcorn maybe?

Do you have a favorite coffee stop?

Or maybe a favorite brew?


Greyhound bling seems to be the thing

Do you have any greyhound bling?

Are you pierced any where?

Ears, nose, eyebrow or :mum?


Do you polish your nails on your fingers and toes?

What is your favorite color?


And water?


Do you like a candle?

Or some bubble bath?

Lotions or gels?


Is there are flavor you can't live without?

Or a smell you just can't forget about?


We could have you measure yourself

From your head to your toe

But that wouldn't be nice

Or fair to do.


So answer these questions

For SS wants to know

All about you

Even your woes...

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You are doing your job well

I see , Secret Elf

So I guess it's my turn

to chat 'bout myself


Books, i have many

So many unread

books on my shelves

and books on my bed


I'll tell you of two things

made of paper I need:

A 2008 GH calendar

or CG mag indeed!


Chocolate is something I do not crave

In fact, sweets are never ever my fave

They just give me pimples and saddlebags galore

Please do not send sweets!! I do not need more!



I hear grey bling

is what all the cool kids dig

If you send some this way

I will surely dance a jig


Please tell my SS "She's not a girly girl

Perfumes and lotions won't do

ANY gift sent will be loved

Because it came straight from you!"


Oh, and I do like candles, large light-colored mugs and anything Christmas related. Thank you, and good night.











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