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Red Dog Is Over The Bridge

Guest sonomagirl

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Guest sonomagirl

It's a horrible awful no good very bad day in our household. Red had continued to go downhill since his seizures and last night was rough for him. We knew today had to be the day. We know when we get them that we won't have them forever, but when the end comes, it doesn't make it any easier. I am happy for him...no more pain or suffering, but there's a hole in my heart now.


Our remaining little girl, Prissy Lambert did not go with on the trip to the vet, but I took her out to see him as we layed him in a pretty spot in the backyard pet cemetery next to our lab, Zoe, who we lost a year ago to liver cancer. Prissy could tell that Red was sick and seemed a little upset by the whole ordeal in the household lately. I wonder how she's going to do with being the lone dog.


I was surprised and saddened when I wandered onto this forum, to see how many of us are grieving a loss lately. For those of you who are grieving, God be with you. My heart is hurting along with yours. For those of you who are taking your turn supporting us during our "ruff" time, God Bless You! You make the day easier to get through.


Run Free, Red Dog. Run like the wind...

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Guest DoofBert

Run Free Red Dog........such a young hound to head to the bridge.......


So many greyhound angels will be there to meet you.......


Big Hugs to your family


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Guest Tenderhearts

May God hold your aching hearts in his hands :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug


I will also keep your sweet Prissy in my prayers that she will get through this with your love :hope :hope :hope

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Guest PetersMom

I am so very sorry for your loss.


In my time of grief, I was directed toward this board - feeling like I was the only one on the planet who could be as destroyed and and heart broken as I was (and still am), I am reminded in my visits here that so many ache for their lost beloved pets and that I am in good and wonderful company during my need. There is never the right thing to say or the right way to feel but here, we all understand.


My heart hurts for you during your loss and I am thinking of you and Prissy too...





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