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Yoohoooo! Argolola!

Guest charmsmom

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Guest charmsmom

Santa wants to know 'bout Lola,

I mean, you want her gifts now, don'tcha?

Tell her what you like now, please,

So she can get shopping with ease!!


Please wrap tape around her neck!

Come Christmas, she will be bedecked

She needs to know your favorite color!

What size is your baby's collar?


Does she have some favorite biskies?

Do stuffed toys make her really frisky?

Santa needs your useful help

So with joy at Christmas, Lola will yelp!!


(okay, so the last line was kinda lame...but hey, I'm new at this!)



Your evil elf


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Guest charmsmom

Thanks!! :) I was surprised. That took me all of five minutes....


Amazing what you can do when your mind is incredibly bored from staying home with your sick 3 year old daughter. <_< Apparently, I needed the stimulation. :lol

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Guest argolola

I love the poem! You are very talented!


Lola loves biskies, collars, clothes, food...well just about anything really. She is so happy to get mail. Thank you for asking about her. She likes most all colors, but I don't know what looks best on a light brindle pup.


I forgot to add that her favorite thing is Pooh. She has about 8 Pooh bears and a blanket in pooh colors.

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