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Bilateral Cloudy Eyes

Guest goofydog

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Guest goofydog

Edited to move Burpdogs reply to the first post. Sorry, did not mean to post twice.


My first post in H&M so I really don't know what to expect. Over the last week or 2 I have noticed Get Em's eyes becoming cloudy from the bottom up, just kinda slowly creeping up. At this point it is about halfway to the iris. He does not appear to have any loss of vision, still aware of his corners, running like a fool at the park, no startle response on approach. I took him to my regular vet last Thursday and after he shone the light in both eyes his only response was that I needed have him seen by an opthamologist(sp) soon. He was going to call in a referral that afternoon. He would not say anything else(kinda weird).


I called the office on Friday and they had not received the referral. They were already closed when the vet called on Thursday and they do not have Friday office hours. Fast forward to today - called first thing this morning and they cannot fit him in until NEXT Tuesday. So I wait until then and keep fingers crossed. Any input would be appreciated.

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